This documentation is for the old Kea 1.0. To see the latest docs, click here!


You may store the content of your reducers in LocalStorage with the kea-localstorage plugin.


First install the kea-localstorage package:

# if you're using yarn
yarn add kea-localstorage

# if you're using npm
npm install --save kea-localstorage

Then install the plugin:

import localStoragePlugin from 'kea-localstorage'
import { resetContext } from 'kea'

  createStore: true,
  plugins: [ localStoragePlugin ]

Configuration options

The plugin takes the following options:

  // in case you want to replace this, e.g. for tests or non browser environments
  storageEngine: window.localStorage,

  // added before all paths in localStorage keys
  prefix: 'example',

  // to change the symbol that concats path parts
  separator: '_'


NB! To make a reducer persist in LocalStorage, your logic store must have a defined path.

Just add { persist: true } as an option to your reducers, and it will be stored:

const logic = kea({
  // path must be defined!
  path: () => ['scenes', 'homepage', 'name'],

  actions: ({ constants }) => ({
    updateName: name => ({ name })

  reducers: ({ actions, constants }) => ({
    // just add { persist: true }
    name: ['chirpy', { persist: true }, {
      [actions.updateName]: (state, payload) =>
    // you may override the prefix and separator keys
    name: ['chirpy', { persist: true, prefix: 'example', separator: '_' }, {
      [actions.updateName]: (state, payload) =>


Update the counter and refresh the page. The number should remain:

Count: 0

Note: if you refresh, it may flash the number 0 for a brief moment, as that's what's stored in the pre-rendered HTML that's served when you open the page. It should then immediately update.